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Wieland SC Technologies Team is Repairing the Computer

Our Vision & Mission

Whether you're clearing out some space at home or updating systems at the office, bring your electronics to us for recycling. Remember, you can't just throw in the trash anymore. Knowing that your options for proper disposal are limited, Wieland SC Technologies happily takes those old components off your hands for good! Just bring your electronics to the store or for if you run a business and need options for pick up please call us! Either way, we make is user friendly and you'll rest assured knowing that all sensitive data is destroyed according to strict government standards of privacy and security! 

Wieland SC Technologies Exclusive Guarantee

Every computer is built with business grade components designed to last a lifetime. Most of the components you find at the big box stores are made of plastic. Wieland SC Technologies uses metal parts which is why we can make this bold guarantee! Every desktop and laptop sold at Wieland SC Technologies  comes with our comprehensive Wieland SC Technologies Guarantee. This includes:

  • Zero Labor Costs for repairs for as long as the machine is repairable.
  • Free Refurbished Parts, if available in stock.
  • New Parts at Your Discretion, ordered at cost.
  • Backup Services (normal fees apply; we recommend maintaining regular backups).
  • Trade-In Credit for upgrades or systems beyond repair.

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